Tree Info

Deep Root Feeds are done twice a year for optimal results. February - March and also November - December. Our Deep Root Feeds are a special blend, formulated for optimal results in the Colorado Front Range.
Tree Sprays are done several times a year Starting in (mid February and ending in March). Also November & December). At these times we use Dormant oil, which is normally used for Scale/Mite. Another spray that usually has to be done is the Aphid spray, and this happens twice a year (April-May) and then again (August & September). There one more spray this one happens (May-July). This is the Bore & Beetle Spray.

Target Trees or Bushes: Aspen, Pines, Ash, Linden, Fruit Trees, Birch, Mugo, Honey Locus, Forsythia, Lilac, Dogwoods, Maples, and Junipers.