Aeration is usually done in the Spring (March, April) and in the Fall (September, October)
For up to 5000 sq.ft

Fertilizer And Weed Control

We Fertilize 5 times a year starting in March ending in October (every 6 - 8 weeks)

IF you sign up for Fertilizer Program We offer Free weed re sprays

​For up to 5000 sq. ft

Tree and Shrub Deep Root Feed

Deep Root Feed is done in the Spring and Fall
Starting Price $59.95 (DRF)

Tree Sprays

Tree Sprays are done 2+ times a year depending on your tree's requirements
Starting Price $59.95. (TS)


We Start Up our sprinklers around mid April

Starting Price $70

Repairs $70 services call that includes first hour, $60 per hour after, plus parts.
charger every 1/4 hour ( $15 )

We also Winterize our systems in October a little early if need be

Blow outs are $60- $3.50 for each additional zone after 10

Fusarium Blight (Frog's Eye)

Fusarium Blight Sprays are normally done around mid summer
with a second application 6 - 8 weeks after first spray if need
Starting Price $99.95.


We do anything from fixing old landscapes and starting all over. Also putting in new.
Please call if you have any questions.

Lawn Care

Tree Trimming $65-$85 per man hour
Clean ups $50 per man hour
Hedging $55 per man hour
Gutters $65 includes first hour on the roof. charge 1/4 hour $16.25