Aeration is usually done in the Spring (March, April) and in the Fall (September, October)
 For up to 5000 sq.ft

Fertilizer And Weed Control

We Fertilize 5 times a year starting in March ending in October (every 6 - 8 weeks)

IF you sign up for Fertilizer Program We offer Free weed re sprays

For up to 5000 sq. ft

Tree and Shrub Deep Root Feed

Deep Root Feed is done in the Spring and Fall
Starting Price $89.95 (DRF)

Tree Sprays

Tree Sprays are done 5+ times a year depending on your tree's requirements
Starting Price $89.95. (TS)


We Start Up our sprinklers around mid April

Starting Price $75

Repairs $75 services call that includes first hour, $65 per hour after, plus parts.
charger every 1/4 hour ( $16.25 )

We also Winterize our systems in October a little early if need be

Blow outs are $65- $3.50 for each additional zone after 10

Fusarium Blight (Frog's Eye)

Fusarium Blight Sprays are normally done around mid summer
with a second application 6 - 8 weeks after first spray if need
Starting Price $99.95.

Lawn Care

Tree Trimming and Hedging $75-$100 per man hour
Clean ups $55 per man hour